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Oregon Weather & Childbirth

There are many jokes about the amazing Oregon weather.

“Oregon: where you get all four seasons in one day”

“You know you’re from Oregon when you don’t use an umbrella when it’s pouring rain”.

All though funny, it is absolutely true.

Just a few weeks ago, we had sunny days and it felt like spring was only coming faster, and then we get hit with a snow storm, only to get sunny blue skies the next day!

So how is Oregon weather and childbirth the same and how can a doula support you through the seasons?

Well, if we substitute seasons for feelings, we are bound to get all-the-feelings in labor, and just like our weather doesn’t seem to come in a particular order, neither do these feelings. As professionally trained doulas, we are equipped to support you through the seasons of labor.

Summer – The sun is shining, everyone is happy, and you’re looking forward to the many outdoor activities that our beautiful southern Oregon offers. You may want to go to Lake of the Woods, or Umpqua Falls, or go raft down the Rogue River. Your car may be loaded with bags with essential items for that awesome camping trip you’ve planned all year long. 

Early labor – You have lost your mucus plug, or perhaps your water broke. It could be that contractions have begun.  You’re excited and looking forward to all the adventures that are yet to come. You may decide to take a shower or a bath to refresh and relax or you may start packing up your car with the bags you plan to bring with you to the hospital or birth center. Your long awaited birthing trip has begun and an overwhelming feeling of happiness begins to shine ever-so-brightly, like on a that hot sunny summer day. Call your doula so she gets ready for the ride with you. 

Spring – What’s the forecast going to be like? Warm? Cold? Will it be sunny or rainy? Should you layer up?

Labor – You'll find that your body temperature fluctuates in labor. You may feel hot and sweating one moment and the next you're asking for a warm blanket. Your comfortableness is one of our priorities! We'll be ready to fan air, applying cold wash cloths and giving your ice cold water to sip on, or getting blankets to keep you warm. 

Fall – The temperature is cooling down and the leaves are transitioning colors. This season often feels like a mix of summer and winter. You may be excited, because... Hello! Boots, leggings and pumpkin-spice-everything! Or you may feel gloomy as the days become a little darker.

Labor – There comes a point in your labor when you will also be transitioning as those leaves. This part of labor is often the shortest, yet hardest part to endure. Your doula can offer you information about what to expect, continue to offer you comfort and support, and ensure you’re well hydrated… most likely not with pumpkin-spice lattes though.

Winter – The days are gloomy, and cold. You rather not be out and about. You prefer to stay warm in bed. You may actually enjoy winter, because you can go skiing or snowboarding at Mt. Ashland. You are cautious as you walk on the icy pavement, holding on to cars or siding for support. You know that enduring this type of weather means you’re getting closer to those sunny days again.

Labor – As you’ve reached the transition phase, you may experience feelings of defeat. You are "done", and don’t want to continue laboring, but you know that you that this temporary feeling will get you closer to meeting you baby. Your doula will support you through this phase by encouraging you, reminding you that the end is almost near, and to take one contraction at a time. Provide you with physical support like massage and counter-pressure on your hips or sacrum as wanted.

Oregon weather – All four seasons in a day, but we wouldn’t have it any other way. We don’t mind having to layer up, walking in the rain, or driving in the snow, because at the end of the day, we live in a beautiful place surrounded by tall trees, hills and mountains.

Labor – Just like the Oregon weather, going through the stages of labor has a beautiful advantage. A new journey begins with your baby to enjoy all the adventures that our state has to offer.

And as your doula… we will walk by you through the seasons enhancing your pregnancy and labor experience by providing you with compassionate and non-judgmental support.