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My Little Giant

A few weeks ago, I welcomed my second child. Ten days after my oldest turned two.  

My toddler has been my baby for two years. Her contagious smile, her ear piercing scream. her eyes that she inherited from me.

She's been growing up, but it didn't quite hit me until her and her sister were side-by-side. 

All of a sudden EVERYTHING appeared much bigger! Her hands, her feet, her head. She must have grown a few inches and gained a few pounds overnight. The baby I carried in my arms for hours at a time, is now a little giant that my arms can only hold for a few minutes while standing up. When she's near me, it's as if I'm looking at her with a magnifying glass. 

I miss seeing her as the little person that she was. When I'd grab her tiny hands just a few weeks ago as I rocked her to sleep. Her little face with her beautiful big brown eyes looking back at me. Her little feet that are always bare, because she hates socks and shoes.

Every now and then when she's at a distance I see that little person again and my heart fills with warmth and I am reassured that this little giant will forever and always be my baby!