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Let's get moving!

While every birthing person may labor differently, there is one thing every laboring person can do that can benefit their labor…


There are so many laboring positions that can be utilized when in labor, from

standing to sitting,

lying down;

walking or dancing...

down the hospital hallway, or in your room.

Some positions may feel more comfortable than others, but the beautiful thing about moving around is that you can try a position for a few contractions and change it up if it doesn’t work.

Changing positions in labor can increase comfort and make the labor sensations more manageable. Positions, like squatting or sitting on a yoga ball or on the toilet seat, allow the pelvis to be open and relaxed which helps the baby descend into the birth canal. If you are bed-bound or have an epidural placed, you can still apply some position changes like lying on your side and placing pillows or a peanut ball between the legs and alternating sides every thirty minutes or so to create the same effect.  Other tools that can be used to help change positions is a yoga ball, which you can sit on and bounce on it, sway your hips side to side or in a circular motion.

Having a doula at your birth can encourage you to try different positions! 

We are ready to dance, squat and move with you, are you?