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The Best OB Provider in the Rogue Valley

Updated August 2017

Choosing a medical provider and a place of delivery may be something easy to decide on for expecting parents, but for others, it can be a difficult decision. Luckily for you, if you live in the Rogue Valley, you have a variety of options for prenatal care and delivery.

Here are questions you may consider to narrow down your options:

  • Do I want a midwife or a doctor?

  • Do I want to have my baby at home, a birthing center, or the hospital?

  • Where can my prenatal care provider deliver? (Some medical providers only have delivering privileges at certain hospitals)

  • Where did my family/friends have their baby? Who did they see for their prenatal care? What was their experience like? 

Types of Providers

Providers come from all different types of backgrounds and education, below are the most common prenatal care providers found in the area and where they practice. 

Home Birth Midwives (LDM or CPM) - You can find most of the home birth midwives listed on the Southern Oregon Birth Connections' website. 
Certified Nurse Midwives (CNM) - La Clinica's Family & Women's Health Center, Providence OB GroupRogue Community Health, and Asante Midwives
Doctors specializing in OB Care (OB/GYN) - Ashland Family Health Care; Rollins Family Health; Stone Medical; Medford Women's ClinicProvidence OB Group; Dr. Alan Binette; Dr. Mills at Rogue Women's HealthWomen's Health Center of Southern Oregon; Siskiyou Community Health Center 

Hospitals and Birth Centers:  

There are four hospitals and two stand-alone birthing centers in the Rogue Valley. Each hospital has their own atmosphere and specialized care from low-risk deliveries to high-risk. 

Asante Ashland Community Hospital (Ashland)
Asante Rogue Regional Medical Center (Medford)
Asante Three Rivers Medical Center (Grants Pass)
Providence Birth Place (Medford)
Kalista Wellness & Birth Sanctuary (Medford)
Rogue Birth, LLC (Grants Pass) 

Who does Rogue Valley Doulas recommend? 

We have had the honor to work with various medical providers in the area while supporting our clients in labor, but the best OB provider we can recommend is the one that you choose! 

What does that even mean?

What we mean is that choosing a medical provider is a personal choice. What may have worked for one of our previous clients, may not work for another. Choosing a medical provider can be an intimate experience. Your provider will be seeing you for 8-10 months. They will have privileged information about your medical history, your concerns, your worries. They will be part of you and your family's life through this journey.

What we can recommend: 

Interview. Set up a meet and greet appointments with the medical providers that interest you the most. Ask questions that are important to you and your family. Tour the birthing facilities to get a feel for their atmosphere.

This is only the beginning of making informed choices about your care and your child, and if you need a little extra help, give us a call!

As the experts in our area, we're always happy to help!