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5 Hospital Bag Must Have Items

Are you getting ready to pack your hospital bag, but not sure what to include? Perhaps you already have your list, but are checking it twice. Here is our Friday’s Five top items to have in your hospital bag.

1.       Hair Stuff – depending how long or short your hair is hair ties and bobby pins are great to have in your bag.

2.       Phone charger – Stay fully charged! Your phone will be utilized to communicate with family and friends; a camera to capture those delicate moments; a music player if the mood strikes, and to browse through social media/play games if you need to pass time. 

3.       Snacks/spare change – Although the hospital has a cafeteria, it does close after a certain time, causing you or your partner to resort to snacks. Get snacks from the vending machine, or pack a few protein bars to hold you for a while, and don't forget honey sticks or DumDum lollipops to give a boost of energy during labor.

4.       Chap stick - Your. Lips, WILL. Get. Dry! Pack chap stick or lanolin to keep those lips moist and ready to kiss your sweet baby! 

5.       Clothes - Clothes to birth in, clothes for the postpartum period. During labor you want clothes that are light and can provide access to your medical team for checks and monitoring. After baby is born, you'll want clothes that are easy to keep your baby skin-to-skin and accessible to the breast, if you are planning to breastfeed. Include slippers or shoes that you can get easily put on. 

What other items were must have for you? Let us know in the comments!